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There has been a massive change in our world in the last 30 years with the onslaught of Media. Every day we are bombarded with thousands of messages through various forms of Media, whether it is print media, road signs, radio, TV and in more recent years the Internet. Media is the new opportunity to reach the nations, and is often the only way in which the Christian message can reach people in a nation.

The traditional missionary would be sent to a nation to impact on a culture in a local community. In todays world we can reach a lot more than the local community in a country through the various forms of media.

The internet is fast becoming the centre of our media world in combination with the mobile phone, and now television. Visual media is the greatest opportunity as television converges to he internet and mobile devices. The fastest growth in Television sales is the smart television which means we can interact with the Web on our large screen TV's. This will result in a proliferation of TV programs and channels on the internet itself viewed on our TV screens

As broadband speeds increase rapidly, and technology becomes cheaper we will see a proliferation of visual media coming through our computers, iPads and of course phones. This is now and will  change the Television and Film Industry in the future. There is a great opportunity now to create the leaders in the Media of the future and that is what the Living Stone Media Foundation is about doing.




The Living Stone Media Foundation has been set up to Empower, Impact, Inspire and help bring Change into the world that we live in through the development of the next generation of media leaders, not just in the Christian community, but into the mainstream of Media in our nation and beyond.

We are Media Missionaries.

Dr Livingstone was one of the formost missionaries in history into Africa, and that is partly how the Living Stone Media Foundation has been formed, as missionaries into nations around the world using the latest technology as our platform.

We are also to be Living Stones according to Gods word:

"And you are Living Stones that God is building into His spiritual temple, what's more you are His holy priests" - 1 Peter 2:5

Part of the mission of Living Stone Media is not only to train people in the art of production and leadership in media, but also give them the skills to be effective as Christian Leaders in their respective areas whether it be a major TV station, or a small online outlet. We also want to provide an outlet where they are able to showcase their skills and talent, and finally train people the skills to create content in their own language and culture, which can be much more effective at reaching people in the nations



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